Month: June 2015

Define your art. Define yourself. Define your future.

Welcome to the Community School of the Arts! We’re thrilled to introduce our new brand, as designed by the talented and generous bunch over at the Best Behavior Creative Club, and to roll out our new motto: Define your art. Define yourself. Define your future.

Recently, an 8-year-old student said to me, “I live in a bad neighborhood and I go to a bad school.” That is her definition of herself: the streets on which she lives. At the Community School of the Arts, we want her to be more than her environment or family situation.  We want her to be able to say, “I am an artist, I am a singer, I play the piano, I am dancer, I am a mathematician.” Studies show that at-risk children are three times as likely to graduate from college if they receive systematic arts training on a weekly basis. We are here to give children that leg up by providing quality education in all the arts for free. We recognize that by doing so, we let a child not only define herself but define her future as well.

We hope you’ll jump on the bandwagon, and take the time to peruse what we have to offer. And watch this space for updates!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Willard,
Executive Director